Rushbitcoin – High claim, many achievements, fast payout

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I have got 1st payment.

Rewards: Claim FREE Bits every 30 minutes.
Lucky Number Reward
Roll 1 to 79,999 22.00 Bits
Roll 80,000 to 89,999 27.50 Bits
Roll 90,000 to 96,999 38.50 Bits
Roll 97,000 to 99,770 55.00 Bits
Roll 99,771 to 99,998 275.00 Bits

Roll exactly 99,999 to win the Jackpot of 11,000.00 Bits!


Some Jobs of Admin: They are easy to finish and high value: from 200 bits to 500 bits.
I have got four jobs by posting payment proof because I have got payment for first day. 🙂

Ptc Ads
Investment Game

Many Achievements: It is easy to get many achievements. I have got some achievements. Try it.
Monthly contest: Referral, shortlinks, offerwalls contest.

The minimum withdraw for FaucetPay is 0.00007000 BTC.
The minimum withdraw for Direct wallet is 0.00030000 BTC
The minimum withdraw for KSWallet is 0.00009000 BTC

Invite your friends using your special affiliate URL and receive 5% of their faucet claims, 10% of their offerwalls earnings and 5% of their shortlinks earnings for life!

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