Hits.cash review – Unique PTC of 2020.

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Hits.cash system is based on Bonus Ad Points (BAP). This revolutionary new system allows Hits.cash to be the unique PTC of 2020.

What are Bonus Ad Points (BAP)?

Bonus Ad Points are a points program we’ve designed to engage our members to earn with us.
BAP is what makes you eligible to receive Paid Ads! We send Paid Ads in exchange of your BAP.
Note that your points are consumed after Paid ads has arrived your account.
For every $0.01 worth of Paid Ads issued to you, 20 BAP is deducted from your account right after you click on the Paid Ad.

Paid Ads require a minimum 1600 BAP and will consume Bonus Ad Points (BAP) as you view them. You’ll receive Paid Ads daily when you have enough BAP.

BAP reward (Bonus Ad Points) can be accumulated in 3 ways:
Viewing Advertising: Earn 15 BAP (Bonus Ad Points) for each ad which you click
Purchasing advertising: Purchase Just $1 worth of Advertising to gain a 3000 Bonus Ad Points.
gaining direct referrals: Earn a massive 500 BAP for each Direct Referrals.

The minimum cashout is $5 via Perfect money, Payeer, CoinPayments.
After you request your payment, the payments are sent to you on the same day.
This shouldn’t take more than a few hours. In rare cases, you will receive your payment no less than 24 hours!

How do I earn from Referrals?
You earn 175 BAP for each new referrals if your Level is 0-11 and earn a massive 500 BAP for each new referrals if your Level is 12-14.
Additionally, you also earn an extra $0.0005 on every ad they click. You get credited for your referral clicks on both Activation Ad as well as Paid Ads irrespective of all Levels.

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