Doge bitsfree – Hot Dogecoin faucet, I have got many payments

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I have got some payments.

Rewards: Claim FREE Bits every 3 minutes
Lucky Number Reward
Roll 1 to 89,999 1.25 Bits
Roll 90,000 to 99,796 12.50 Bits
Roll 99,797 to 99,897 62.50 Bits
Roll 99,898 to 99,998 125.00 Bits

99,999 = Jackpot of 12,500.00 Bits!

10 bits = 1 Doge

Ptc Ads
Investment Game
Monthly contest: Referral, shortlinks, offerwalls contest.

The minimum withdraw for FaucetPay is 20.00000000 DOGE.
The minimum withdraw for Dogecoin Wallet is 100.00000000 DOGE.

Refer users using your referral link below and earn 10% of their faucet claims FOR LIFE!

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Doge BitsFree

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