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It is best bitcoin ptc sites now. There are many ptc ads to click and you earn money via faucet hourly.

I have got payment:

Faucet: Prime numbers pay an extra 27 Coins.
Current Jackpot is 454,111 Coins
Roll 99,999 to win the jackpot!

Roll 1 - 69,999    14 Coins    ( Coins + Cointiplier Bonus)
Roll 70,000 to 89,999    23 Coins    ( Coins + Cointiplier Bonus)
Roll 90,000 to 96,999    42 Coins    ( Coins+ Cointiplier Bonus)
Roll 97,000 to 98,999    86 Coins    ( Coins + Cointiplier Bonus)
Roll 99,000 to 99,998    160 Coins   ( Coins + Cointiplier Bonus)

Cointiply is a paid to click site where you can earn bitcoin just by clicking ads and completing offers/surveys.
Dont force user to view ads so you can click many site at the same time.

Play the Multiplier
Watch short video ads.
Play game

The minimum DIRECT (to your Bitcoin wallet) withdrawal amount is 50,000 Coins.
The minimum withdrawal for DOGE is 30,000 coins.
All payments are sent within 24 – 72 hours under normal circumstances.

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